Ptosis correction

What is Ptosis correction ? 

I do many technique for Ptosis correction with Blepharoplasty  such as

1. Levator advancement

2. Levator tucking

3. CSF suspension

Levator surgery is helpful for doing with blepharoplasty, it will be improve asymmetry

What is Procedure  ? 

  • Step 1 : Design and discuss  with doctor

  • Step 2 : Anesthetic injection into the lower eyelid 

  • Step 3 : Cut skin along eyelid

  • Step 4 : Fat removal will be performed as needed 

  • Step 5 : Ptosis correction procedure will perform

  • Step 6 :  Skin closure by small suture

Surgical Time 40-60 min.
 Remove stitch 7-10  days
 Full recovery  3-6  mo.

Real Model for ptosis correction

Ptosis from previous bleb
High crease with ptosis
Ptosis from MG
Sucked eye ball
Unnatural crease
Asymmetrical previous blep
Ptosis RE
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