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Cataract surgery centre

 Drphornrak Cataract surgery center ? 

I build up Cataract Surgery centre at EYE Clinic ,Chaiyaphum, Thailand

High standard operation room with certified clean room for ISO2007

High standard sterile technique

High  experience surgeon

High quality care team

One - stop - services and One -daysurgery

Patient preparation ? 

Pre operative :  

  • Blood test  for CBC

  • Complete : ophthalmic examination

  • ATB eye drop 7 days before surgery

  • Lid scrub for 7 days before surgery

  • IOL measurement

Operative day :

  • Eye  drop for dilate  pupil

  • Eye drop for anasthesia

  • Eye  drop for ATB

Surgical Time 15-30 min.
 Remove stitch 7-14  days
 Full recovery  1  mo.

Cataract center in Chaiyaphum, Thailand

Thanks for beloved cataract patient

Drphornrak  Challenging case

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