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Long incision blepharoplasty

What is long incision blepharoplasty ? 

is double eyelid surgery that incision for opening the eyelid skin including excision of eyelid skin . Suitable for people  who have excess eyelid skin and want to adjust the eyelid from the following this problems

  • There is no first eyelid layer.

  • The eyes are not equal.

  • The eyelid is too small.

  • The eye layers are many layers.

  • Excessive fat eye  


What is Procedure  ? 

Step 1 :  Design and discuss  with doctor

Step 2 : Anesthetic injection into the upper eyelid 

Step 3 :  Cut skin along eyelid

Step 4 :  Fat removal will be performed as needed 

Step 5 : Create  permanent crease with small suture 

Step 6 : Can add many procedure such as ptosis correction or anything

Surgical Time 40-60 min.
 Remove stitch 7-10  days
 Full recovery  3-6  mo.

Real Model for long  incision blepharoplasty

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