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Why choose me to be your eye doctor

In my doctor's life, I found that the relationship between patients and doctors  can not about money . I found it more than that. Example trust, believe and love each other. 

I am human not only doctor. I understand what suffer of you and ready to listen to all of your problems. 

Sometime I have to decision instead of you  for the best option of your treatment to your disease  and I always  up to date  my knowledge and my surgical skill about ophthalmology for the best treatment to you.

For Blepharoplasty

I'm obsessed with doing cosmetic eyelid surgery since the beginning of the ophthalmologist's training, form now is 5-6 years ago, most techniques which I used they are vary depending on the patient's eyes . I will talk directly to the patients about what I can do and what patients want. and how I can make it better 

For Cataract and Glaucoma surgery 

I have many experience in Cataract surgery and Glaucoma surgery about 10000 cases

My Special ability  in ophthalimic surgery 

  • I am good in Complicated cataract surgery such as zonule dialysis, zonule weakness, Lens subluxation, Hard nucleus        (  You can see my  complication cataract in my youtube chanel )

  • I am good in Phacoemulcification with GSL in patient with close angle glaucoma ( lens mechanism ) very good result.

  • I am good in Trabeculectomy

  • I am good in  CLASS CO2 assisted deep sclerectomy​

  • I am  good in CO2 assisted Blepharoplasty

  • I am good in Revision blepharoplasty

My filler injection
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