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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

" I'm obsessed with doing cosmetic eyelid surgery since the beginning of the ophthalmologist's training, form now is 5-6 years ago, most techniques which I used they are vary depending on the patient's eyes . I will talk directly to the patients about what I can do and what patients want. and how I can make it better "

Because Dr. Pornrak is an ophthalmologist Therefore, patients who have undergone surgery will be examined as follows

Pre operative evaluation

  • Visual acuity

  • IOP ( some case)

  • Evaluation for Dry eye syndrome

  • Eye examination ( PF, LF, lagophthalmos)


  • Specific instrument for eye surgery and minimize tissue trauma

Post operative evaluation

  • Evaluation for Dry eye syndrome

  • Evaluation for other complication

" I think preoperative evaluation is the most importance thing and i will design the eye layer according to the patient's needs. By discussing the possibility with the doctor directly that i have done in every cases"

Surgery by an ophthalmologist who is a specialized eye doctor clients will complete an eye examination by Slitlamp ophthalmoscope which has the magnification is more than 10 times in order to thoroughly evaluate the eye abnormalities before surgery.



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