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Review: CO2 Laser Technology in Assisting Double Eyelid Surgery.

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Interview with Dr. Parak Sriplon, Ophthalmologist, Eye surgeon specializing cosmetic eye surgery and vision enhancement.

Introduction and Experience

"The starting point of my journey in cosmetic eyelid surgery began when I realized that many patients who underwent eyelid surgery experienced undesirable complications. This motivated me to enhance my skills in this particular surgical procedure. As an ophthalmologist, learning about cosmetic eyelid surgery was relatively easy and enjoyable for me. I pursued additional training both in Thailand and abroad, including hands-on training , observing renowned surgeons performing actual surgeries. I also attended international conferences and continued my studies to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field, and this process continues to the present day."

The starting point of getting to know the CO2 laser machine is understanding what it is.

" The starting point of getting to know the CO2 laser machine came from its use in Trabeculectomy or Glaucoma surgeries and also its application in eyelid surgery. Through the extensive experience of using this laser, it is well-known that the majority of blood vessels in the body are located around the eyes. Surgeons who have performed eyelid surgeries using scalpels or scissors are well aware that there is significant bleeding, which is considered a normal aspect of this technique. Controlling the bleeding requires adequate time and can have an impact on the surgical procedure.

The benefits or advantages of using CO2 laser are:

" The advantages of using CO2 laser are numerous. Firstly, the laser light seals the wound and coagulates blood vessels during surgery, resulting in minimal bleeding. Another benefit of controlling blood flow with lasers is the ability to reduce the size and smoothness of surgical incisions. Additionally, it can effectively remove tissues and fats. This surgical approach ensures smoother procedures and excellent outcomes, especially for women who require precise and natural-looking eyelid incisions. Utilizing CO2 laser technology significantly enhances control over these processes, reducing the need for excessive caution."

After CO2 laser surgery, there are differences compared to using a scalpel.

" Based on the my experience, the healing time after CO2 laser surgery is typically around 5-6 days, similar to conventional surgery without any issues. However, some doctors may suggest that the healing process after laser-assisted surgery could take longer than the conventional method.

Each CO2 laser device may have similarities and differences

" Specifically the Deka Laser with the iLid system i use today, has distinct differences compared to other laser models. The iLid system provides highly accurate laser beams for precise tissue cutting. The handpiece of the iLid system offers excellent control and flexibility, without any angular dispersion of the laser beam during the eyelid surgery.

The iLid system's handpiece, approximately 2 inches long, enables more detailed and easier cutting, along with better control of vibrations during movement, compared to standard handpieces (approximately 10 inches long). This laser system allows for precise tissue cutting and separation as required.

Overall, the iLid system by IOPtima has several advantages over other systems. It reduces surgical time and minimizes postoperative bruising. Additionally, it significantly enhances control during surgery, resulting in satisfactory outcomes for eyelid surgery.

Therefore, the iLid system can be considered a revolutionary approach in the field of eyelid surgery, providing crucial control and delivering the desired results for me."

Before and After

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