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Philosophy  for being Ophthalmologist

In Glaucoma care

" Glaucoma is a disease that cannot bring vision back. As a glaucoma doctor I will maintain the utmost ability, even if visual acuity  is only LP , which  I believed that  to be of vast value with no LP  at all. "

In Cosmetic Eyelid care

" Eyelid surgery is a surgery with high expectations because we all know that the eyes are the window of the heart. Therefore, doctor Phornrak believe that in addition to beauty, it also requires the principle of safety. There for any cosmetic eye surgery should not causing any complications .

and whenever the I has cut the knife with the patient's eyes that patient will be my responsbility  for all the rest of my life . "

In all patient care

" The public health system will be collapsed if we do not start on health promotion because the treatment of many diseases that   bring much waste of time and budget. In fact, most of the causes may be preventable diseases at all. For the rest of my life, I would like to dedicate myselves to make a  better world by sharing the knowledge of the eyes and others health and non health topic that i have the experiences with  to humankind "  

Philosophy  for Human being

After me lived more than half of my life I found that the most important thing in existence is  we know about what our passion is to full fill the rest of our life.  For me, it is  giving the value other people. Whether it is knowledge, better  eyesight, or even beauty which some people may have different opinions. One thing I ask myself in front of the mirror every morning , is If today is the last day of life . What value will I give to this world? With people around. 

Our lives are short, find passion and do it, and don't judge others if you don't know them well enough.

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